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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yesterdae had bball game wif agnes, chiang and tiffany. oh ya plus kesia oso
opps. omost forgotten about her.
wahahaha :D
we went to the bball court near chiang hse.we played for a while then because of the hot sun, we decided to go to chiang hse to watch movie. it was indeed scary and we were all screaming like mad. but it was funny.
sat at the bball court to talk. i chose to sat at a place with my back facing some imps playing bball and i was hit by the ball twice!!!
then kesia told us a so-called mysterious person who msg-ed her and of course we were we called tt mysterious person using chiang's fone and it turned out to be a sec one gal in our sch.thinking about it is like oh so funny.wahahaha:D then we continued wif our game until we saw kesia wif the dustbin cap in her hands.we understand tt she was trying to put the dustbin cap back and then we were all running away frm her cos of her dirty little hands.then we told her to wash her hands.guess what?!she chased tiffany all around the bball court wif her dirty choice. she had to walk to the washroom at the coffeeshop alone. chiang and i decided to follow her. and then when we were wallking back, chiang and i were quite a distance away frm her.kesia then managed to catch up wif us somehow lah.
chiang and i just screamed and ppl at the bball court laughing at us.perhaps we were thinking about the scary movie we just watched but who cares.dun care lah. playde bball for a while more then we went back to chiang hse.then agnes, tiffany and i went home soon after tt.
i think this is the longest post of my blog.trm is twoendurance bbq. cant wait!!!haha

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