Smile and maybe tomorrow
Friday, December 30, 2005

today i m gg to blog coz apparently there's ppl complaining tt i have blog for ages.right tiff.hee.yest's weather was like ohh so gd.the animal clique went out wif HY,LS,AT.went bugis then town.hrm.. i dun think i m gg to type out watt happen next coz it aint gg to be a happy ending.yea.was like toking on the fone wif stephy,gillian,ching yest's night.then we decided to call we call his fone and tok til like almost one in the morning.owells.i m say tt stephy is afraid of gg nearing the com now just in case bobby sent her the song again and dere she goes AAHHHHHHHHH again.wth.i was online so i decided to say hi to bobby so then he sent me the song.u see. i m not gg to fall for the trick.i dun wan to be like stephy gg AAHHHHHHHHH.see.i m smart in this case.=P i wonder how's stephy?bet she's having those nightmares.i shall call her ltr.i dun wan to wake her up frm her sweet nigthmare u see.see.i m soo considerate.j/ for ching,i think u should listen to watt tt gay told u yest and move on wif to eat my breakfast now.byeee!

i found the unvarnished truth at 11:22 AM


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that dress
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