Smile and maybe tomorrow
Friday, December 02, 2005

yest's clique outing was fun.met up had cp.then towned.went far-east cos huiyan wanted to get her slippers dere.but she couldnt find one she we decided to go to bugis.she finally bought her slippers and guess watt?!she bought it at look so much like havannas but its not.then took the train to pasir ris.the journey on the train was super long.and of course we took photos on the train.went white sands to get drinks cos apparently they only bought three bottles.then we cabbed to the bbq pit.went over to the bbq pit to put our stuff down. decided to go to the beach.mayb we missed the beach or something.we just stepped on the grass with mud.and of course we were like omg-ing plenty of times.omg.the mud sucks lah.but nvm it was fun though.bbq was overall alright.but i think the previous time was better. perhaps becos the pit was the same.lesser ppl this time.the grass was muddy.then huiyan, linsin, ching and crystal wanted to leave at we decided to leave with them.went to grapevine with agnes, choi, cherie, eliz, phyllis and zerrica.then we went chomp chomp.walked around.then had to call dad as its a must!then asked dad to sent agnes and phyllis home.then homed.wasnt sleepy though a whole day out.

i found the unvarnished truth at 10:50 AM


I am worth $1,349,020 on


that dress
that sling bag
new phone
that top
more money
new bag
papillio, kimono black