Smile and maybe tomorrow
Monday, May 29, 2006

woke up like 8 in the morning.haa.perhaps im not used to waking up late huh.then hougang mall to meet up with hy and ls.they wanted to go cut hair but then the auntie was not at home so we cabb-ed to cp.ate at sakura.then meet up with phyllis and chick at cp interchange.took 372 to 316 basketball court.then played basketball there.yile and zhaolin came not long after we reached.oh ya elizabteh came too.then we play three vs chick yile one team.phyllis griselda huiyan another.haa.we won i was fun has been so long since i last play bball.enjoy today's session man!thanks for ya drink uncle!(:maybelle came ard 5++.then me hy griselda went home soon after that.and i saw uncle when i was on the 372 bus on my way home with hy and griselda.then hy and i changed to bus 82.and i swear this is the first time i ran after the bus and manage to board it.everyone on the bus was like looking at the both of us when we boarded maluating pls.

i found the unvarnished truth at 8:28 PM


I am worth $1,349,020 on


that dress
that sling bag
new phone
that top
more money
new bag
papillio, kimono black