Smile and maybe tomorrow
Wednesday, August 02, 2006

out of the 10 periods, only one teacher came which is our emaths teacher.she damn nice lah and i like her.and she likes to buy as unique sweets.thanks ms ong!(:the chem teacher didnt come cos she was on mc, mother tongue teacher didnt come to class cause she had to go and take care/ entertain of those china principals that came to our school.physics teahcer didnt came so we talk laugh crap inside the IT resource room and of course with the air con(shiok!)and 10 mins b4 dismissal one relief teacher step in.and the excuse he gave us was he couldnt find us and he said he was waiting for us in the other room for the past 1hr 30 mins.lunched at rivervale mall's food court with phyllis agnes cherie.we were like laughing and talking kind of loudly(as usual).then we went to rm's toilet b4 gg back to school for the oscar program.three of them happily hide in one of the cubicles hoping that i couldnt find them after coming out of the toilet.and i can totally hear cherie giggling and three 'little' shadows lah.and they think im stupid to believe that they alr went off!u should check out the whole thing lah.its damn funny man.and we were like laughing our way back to school.and it has been such a long time since we last had a great time laughing so hardly.met up with hy ls ching pamela in the canteen and we went for the oscar thing tgt.we reached the computer lab punctually(for the first time,i think?)the program was supposed to be like frm 330-5 but we finish within half an hour-the program is useful(:compassed with ching cherie agnes.we saw the bus opposite school and we ran like big time after the bus.met up with gorden loraine and rachel ann at kfc.then we went to walk ard compass and that was like hardly anyone at compass.went to cold storage to help dad buy his wax.homed(:
now that im done with blogging for the day, im gg to do my ss flashcard.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all.

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