Smile and maybe tomorrow
Thursday, November 16, 2006

i had so much stuff that i wanted to tell you and yet you went away.i hated myself for being indecisive and its my indecisive-ness that caused everything.the uniform reminds me of you, the bikes reminds me of you and even the phrase "overuses gestures & facial expressionsO.o" simply reminds me of you.boy, i miss you

though i am still feeling moody and all, i've decided to let go.even if i am sad now you wont even give a damn.cherie's right:A is like thousand and one times better than you.i shouldnt be feeling sad over you cause you aint worth me doing so.i know i should have let go long time ago and yes i am going to do that from today onwards.although it aint gonna be easy and i know it'll some time to forget about you and all but i know that my friends are around to help me((: thanks phyllis cherie chick and i cant remember who. thanks to those who asked me out this few days, but i am really sorry that i cant make it.reason being i have to help my uncle out and i dont have to mood to go out and shop.phyllis's messages always came at the right time.your message was somehow funny.and i believe this was the first time i laugh ever since that day.chick's right:its bad to think about unpleasant stuff.

dont think so much about it already alright?i've already look on the brighter side of life so you ought to do so too.cheer up alright?if you ever need a listening ear, i'll be there for you.thinking too much of unpleasant stuff isnt good for health.i aint good at consoling people but i am willing to lend you a listening ear.cheer up pok((:

perhaps this has also made me realise who are my true friends and who will be there for me whenever i need them.
thanks guys(:
i hope i can let go though i know i might not be able to do it.

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