Smile and maybe tomorrow
Saturday, December 30, 2006

met up with my aunts for dinner at was not just merely a dinner but one with fun and full of laughter.thanks so much for making my day.enjoyed it plenty((:

thanks lorraine for the little message on your blog though we haven been talking for quite some time.<33

to phyllis,
hahah, i though you had forgotten about my birthday but i was glad you didnt((:was really really touched after reading your makes me wanna cry though.(hahah,i saved your message) thanks for being there 24/7.and yes, we have been through a lot together this year and it has brought us even closer and this year i have also realise who are those that i can dependent on and trust in whenever i need them.i am glad to say that you're have not only made me realise that friendship is important and i have also learn something from you which you might not have realise though.the thought of us wouldnt be in the same class again next year makes me sad though.but maybe on the other hand it is better.i hope we would still be hanging out together before and after school like we used to.hahah, i can still remember some of the silly things we do. i have told you most of the stuff i wanted to in the some, you may seem as a bad friend but to me you're like the bestest.thanks for being there 24/'ll never ever be forgotten.i love you many many<333333333333333

to cherie,
thanks for the message of yours.although its just a little message, it meant alot to may seem to be one that is so quiet to others but to me you're like always so noisy and always there for me 24/7((:this year wouldnt be fun without you.thanks so much for i am able to find a friend like you.i hope we all would still be hanging out together next year as often as we do now.just wanna let you know that you would never be forgotten.i love you plenty<3333333333333

to you,
i was really suprised when i saw the first message this morning after was neither shawn, phyllis nor cherie but you.although i didnt expected you to remember my birthday but thanks so much for the thought.(hahaha, phyllis finds it funny)

to shawn,
thanks so much for spending the time out with me the other day although you have to change shift with avan and all.and i loveyou<333

thanks so much for all the birthdays wishes i received from you guys.even though many were just a little testi or message, it meant alot to me.i really appreciated it alot.i love you guys<3333

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